More quirks

If knowing my quirks helps me to understand my autism more clearly, then it seems like a good idea to explore them. So, here’s a list of some more of my quirks.

I use the same dishes, forks and anything else I can without changing anything. I do what they call routinize almost everything.

I have a very short attention span if I am not interested in something, and I can focus for hours if I am interested. If I am not interested in what someone is saying, I will walk away while they are talking. Recently I learned that to do this was rude.

Socially, I seem to be clueless.

I seem to be unable to sustain a healthy intimate relationship. When the passion begins to subside I seem to be unable to go to the next level. I have been married six times. Only my current wife refuses to give up on me, although we are currently living apart.

I have more than one special interest. I can talk for hours without understanding when people become bored.

I seem to have little or no common sense. I could never figure out the sayings like “A stitch in time saves nine “. My question was always Nine what?l

I am sure that I have many more quirks. This is an ongoing process for me. I would like to hear from other folks who may have “autistic “quirks.

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