I am starting this blog because I believe there are not enough resources or places for the older autistic to use. The older autistic phenomenon is fairly new, as the focus has been, and should continue to be on autistic children. However, I have found, since my diagnosis in 2013, little or no support for adult autistics within the community (Vancouver Island) and very little online, with the exception of Ask An Autistic. The number of adults with the diagnosis of autism continues to rise. I am a HFA or high functioning autistic. I don’t use the label of Asperger, as it is classed as a subtype of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (DSM5). As I do not view Autism as a disorder, but rather as one neurotype, different from what are called NTs (“normal” neurotypes).

The purpose of this blog is to provide a place for older autistics to express themselves in a safe environment. There are almost no rules.



There are no language rules. I ask that folks remain as polite as possible. We are all autistic!

Thank you and welcome!

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